Infinitely high profit percentage
the risk of losing 10% of your deposit

Single Investment


Min deposit

100 $

Max deposit

1000 $


? %
? %
Total returns
? $


Regulations of the project (Moscow time is accepted in the project):

1. You need to go through the registration procedure on the main page of the project.

2. After filling in the details of your e-wallet, you need to replenish your balance in the amount of 50 to 1000 dollars. The project adopted a single electronic system Payeer. Replenishment is made in manual mode.. You just need to follow the instructions.

3. After replenishing the balance you need to create a deposit.

If you already have a deposit, then you can either add it from the balance (from $ 10), or open a new deposit (from $ 100).

When you create a deposit, you will be asked to independently make a percentage of capitalization (reinvest) from 1 to 100%. If you use this feature, the percentage of accrued profit you have selected will be automatically capitalized. You can cancel this feature or change the percentage at any time.

4. The profit on your deposit is accrued daily on weekdays until 12.00 according to the results of the previous day's trading.

5. Last week’s accrual takes place on Saturday, after which you can create in your office a request for withdrawal of the profit accumulated during the week. Applications for payments are accepted until 24.00 Saturday. The minimum possible conclusion is 5 dollar.

6. Payment of profits occurs in manual mode from 12.00 on Sunday to 22.00 on Monday.

7. Your contribution works in the project indefinitely, but after 15 charges, you can pick it up minus 5%.

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